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Olivier Giacomotto vient de sortir un nouvel EP sur le label de John Acquaviva, Definitive Recordings,  avec qui il a déjà collaboré, notamment sur le fameux "Walking on the Moog" qui a cartonné en 2006. Producteur et remixeur demandé, le Bordelais est un must en live. 

" We all know Olivier Giacomotto is a studio master, but with this ep – for those who know – he lets on that he is a spice master as well. The hottest chili pepper on earth with something like a crazy 2 million or so scoville units, the Noga Jolokia starts off very tasty & spicy and just keeps going till it burns. Paying homage to this killer chili, the track is a builder that just keeps winding you up and leaves you tingling afterwards. Jumbo Rhino is the double A-side with Rhino being the new key word for Bomb "

Olivier Giacomotto - Naga Jolokia (Superskank Remix)

Olivier Giacomotto - Jumbo Rhino (DJ Tonio Remix)

Artist : Olivier Giacomotto
Album : Naga Jolokia EP
Label : Definitive Recordings


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